100 Years of Russian Navy Submarines

Early Years 1901 - 1926

Delfin, meaning "dolphin" was the first Russian battle submarine. He was a design of the Construction Commission for Submarines, that later became Rubin Design Bureau. He was launched in 1902, and entered service in 1903, training officers and sailors.
This pre-dated the March 19, 1906 founding of the Russian submarine force as a separate service branch.

On 29 June 1904 the Delfin sank in the Neva River during a test dive. The captain and 24 crewmen were killed. Twelve crew members were rescued.

Delfin was salvaged and transferred to the Siberian flotilla where he served until 1917, seeing action in the Russo-Japanese War.

Kasatka Six submarines of the Kasatka meaning killer whale class were built.

The design of submarine Minoga meaning lamprey is developed in 1905. The submarine is laid-down in 1906 and testing is completed in 1909. Diesel engines are installed onboard submarine Minoga for the first time. It sharply increases the fire safety as compared to the previous submarines that were equipped with gasoline engines.

On 6 April, 1913 the Minoga foundered during a test dive off Libau after a signal flag got into a vent. The submarine is salvaged without casualties and returned to service.


The design of submarine Akula meaning shark is developed in 1905. The submarine construction is started in 1906 and tests are completed in 1909.

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