Quicktime®VR photography

We offer photographic production services for interactive panoramic images suitable for virtual reality tours of buildings, historical sites, etc. We also offer interactive 360 degree rotational object photography suitable for interactive product catalog illustrations as either still photos, animated GIFs, standard Quicktime® or Quicktime® VR images. To experience Quicktime® VR, you must have an appropriate browser with helper or plug-in installed.

For more information about Quicktime® VR, visit Apple Computer's Quicktime® VR Web site.

Oakham Graphics Quicktime® VR Gallery

We have provided a variety of options for you to explore the possibilities for touring various facilities via the Internet or internal intranet networks. Panoramas are displayed as "thumbnail" size image maps which allow exploration of the spaces without the download time associated with large Quicktime® VR movie files. Quicktime® VR is more practical when used over high speed local intranet networks and is particularly effective when used with public touch screen kiosks.

To illustrate just one of the features that a Quicktime® VR panorama might include, the ability to program "hot spots" into the image, we have simulated a "hot spot" in the panoramic "thumbnail" image below.

USS Massachusetts (BB-59)

Battleship Cove - Fall River, MA

The above image is of Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. This is the home of historic ships USS Massachusetts (BB-59), USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850), USS Lionfish (SS-298) and the Hiddensee, a Soviet-built missle corvette. It is also the location of Fall River Heritage State Park, the building on the right. The ships are "hot spots" that you may click on for more information. (USS Lionfish is not present in the above panorama or movie.)

To view this same panorama as a Quicktime® VR movie:

  • View as Quicktime® VR Movie (279 k file - Quicktime® VR browser plug-in needed)

  • Albacore Park - Portsmouth, NH

    The above panorama is of Albacore Park in Portsmouth, NH. This is the home of the USS Albacore (AGSS-569) shown at left. (Click on the Albacore image for more information.)

    To view this same panorama as a Quicktime® VR movie:

  • View as Quicktime® VR Movie (280 k file - Quicktime® VR browser plug-in needed)

  • Charles River Museum of Industry - Waltham, MA

    The above full 360 degree panorama of the Ground Floor Main Exhibit Hall at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham, MA is also an image map that can be explored for links. Links in this image map include examples of still photographs of museum exhibits from museum archive prints, close-up photos of the exhibit on the museum floor and links to other areas of the museum.

    For more information about the Charles River Museum of Industry, visit their Web site. Better yet, visit the museum itself at 154 Moody Street, Waltham.

    Quicktime® VR browser plug-in needed.

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    Revised: 3/4/07