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Bridal Photo

This is an example of a page from a wedding album. Oakham Graphics can produce printed albums of your wedding using images digitized from photographs, slides or negatives of pictures taken at your wedding, respecting, of course, any rights that your official wedding photographer may have placed on reproduction of his work. You add whatever narrative descriptions you would like to accompany the photographs. These can be attractively bound in album covers of your choice.

We can also produce fully interactive versions of your wedding album if you like that can be played on your home computer using either SuperCard®for Macintosh versions or ToolBook®for Windows versions. These can include sound recordings of such things as the music, scripture readings, ceremony, etc., if desired, in addition to the photographs and printed narrative descriptions. You are limited only by your own imagination.

You can put new life into your wedding memories, maybe even your marriage, and say "I love you" all over again to that special someone with one of these albums as a special anniversary gift.

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